African Animals

 During this exhibition you will encounter many artworks of different styles depicting African animals and the environment in which they inhabit. This particular topic was chosen as I wish to travel to Africa in the future and see a variety of different African animals. No only do the artworks in this exhibition consist of the traditional paintings of animals but there are some unique creations such as sculptures and sand art. An example of one of these artworks is 'Scenery of Africa'. This artwork depicts a scene of different African fauna and the area they are living in. The artwork is made entirely out of sand and was sculpted by Leonardo Ugolini in 2010. Many artworks you will see have a story behind them, further giving you an understanding of why the artist included specific things in the piece. An audio guide is provided for 2 of the works, explaining the elements and story behind it, allowing you to understand the artwork and its intentions. The gallery may become more appealing and/or interesting once you know what the works consist of. Some of these pieces of art depict different aspects of African life creating controversial views on that environment. The art itself can be quite confronting, but depending on the artist, they can depict extremely realistic images of the life and landscape for a animals living in Africa. Whether you like the piece, is entirely up to you but the art tells a story so let them tell it. 

Credits: All media
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