Blue Sky

This ceramic artwork is a blue and white dish with an intriguing pattern with a bird in the center. The color blue stands out and makes the pattern more eye catching. The subject matter is clay. The center has a bird in it so your eyes are drawn to that spot. The meaning of this artwork is cultural in my opinion. The blue and white design is common in Chinese art. This dish was used to serve food on in Islamic countries, not in China though. This dish reflects the country's past because of the blue and white detailing. The detailed pattern in this dish is very amazing. It must have been very time consuming to create such a wonderful piece of art. The craftsmanship of this dish is on point. The dish is a perfect circle and the pattern is perfectly spaced out. Everything fits in the right place. There was many dishes like this made at the time so it's not very rare.
This a tall blue and white flask with a blue pattern and lions on the sides. The blue pattern stands out on the white background. The subject matter is clay so it's a ceramic. The meaning is cultural because of the blue and white pattern which is common. It reflects the culture's ideas and history because the pattern. It doesn't connect to a political history. The craftsmanship amazes me because it's very symmetrical and on point. The beauty of the piece is wonderful. The piece isn't that rare; there are many similar artworks out there like this one.
This is a jug that is blue and white with a hunting scene on it. The prominent elements are shape and space. The space is used very well with the hunting scene filling most of the jug. The shape is very unique as well because of the top. The subject matter is clay. The meaning of the artwork is cultural because the men are hunting for their meal. It reflects a culture's history because of the hunting to get food. The craftsmanship of this piece is remarkable because of the unique top it has. The top must have taken a while to create. This piece is rare because of the detail on it and how it was created. It kind of describes a social issue because of them struggling to get food.
This tree is called the "Sound Tree'. The bark of the tree was created out of stainless steel pipes. The leaves were made out of ceramic bells. The prominent elements in this piece are color and shape. The blue lights stand out in the dark and make the tree eye catching. The shape of the tree is extremely like an actual tree. The meaning of this artwork is social and personal. Everyone sees this artwork as they're going about their day. The craftsmanship is really mind blowing. The color, shape and materials used were very creative. This is a one of a kind piece and it's very beautiful.
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