alot of cool pictures that will blow you mind

There are alot of cool of pictures and collages 

The main reason why like this picture is because it show to kids trying to catch a a peace of paper.And the other reason is that it looks really good and the people who did the art work did a really good job.I also like all the colors, that it is on a dirty wall and it makes the art pop out more.
I really like this picture because it pops out and it looks like the boy is looking into the stars or if u walk past it it would look like he is looking at you. but I don't really understand why the guy who did this used yelolow that is the only bad part about this picture
I really like thids picture because the guy has a sword and it looks like he is from the medevil times and I also like the horse in the back. the guy who did this looks like he really took his time. he but a lot of detail in this picture also
The main reason why I picked this picture is because I really like rabbits and this one caught my attention. and this one looks realistic and he really took his time on this picture.
I really like this picture because it looks like a lot of people fighting and it reminds me of a collage of people. for some reason this picture caught my attention because I like all the horses and swords and flying angles and animals and frogs and snakes and sqriuls and dogs and birds lol just kidding
i really like this picture because i love the word alooooooooha. This word is just so exicting it brings joy into the world and i also like all of the colors because colors are amzing and without colors the world would be just so blank and boring. The person who did this you can really tell he took his time because it looks so realstic and it looks computerized but is not.
This picture reminds me of a dog soul floating in the sky. I like all of the colors and how it drips down the picture looks so realstic. and it also reminds me of a bird go up to heaven slowly malking his way up but is it tied down to a pip or a stick of some type. I really like how they took there time on it.
I really like this picture because it reminds me of the savannah and like a big river i also like all of the flowers and stuff that is what caught my attetion i really like flowers and how it looks all misty.
This picture reminds me of my child hood because i used to watch cartoons like that. And i also used to play games like that and to be exact i still do . I also like all the colors and the creativity in this picture this has to be one of my favriot pics ever pow wow
This picture looks r4eally good i like how it right behind a big city and it makes the picture pop out more because of all of the lights. i really like these pictures because one reminds me of a hamburger and i love ham burgers they are one of my favriot foods and it looks like like all of the foods are dancing.
I used to watch watch a show with this bird in it i think it was with a cat dog and a grandma but that show dosnt come on any more i used to watch it when i was little one of my favriot shows. this picture has alot of colors and it looks so realstic and u can hardly tell that it is a painting.
This picture reminds me of like a collage type thing. Because it looks like alot of faces but you ahve to have a good eye to spot them out. Because they are made up like random stuff and alot of differnt colors. you can hardly tell that this is a painting because how good it looks.
This picture really caught my attention. The picture in the back reminds me of like a rabbit and a tiger or some type mixed.And that it is running away from the big face of smoke what looks like a scary old lady what looks like dookie. i also like all the cars those are my favriot types of cars i want one when i get older that is my fansty car. lol
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