Surreal Art through the ages - Mark Pierpont

This art gallery will be exploring many of the beautiful surreal art works throughout history, and diving into my personal feelings on the pieces.  I will also be breaking down what is going on in each painting and speculating on perhaps just what the artist was going for with each piece!

In this artwork a very chaotic image is represented with stairs going every which way with no real destination. This painting is filled with a lot of lines that constantly lead your eyes in many directions, with no one path really leading anywhere in particular. It has many hard angle s as well which serve to lead your eyes in different paths as opposed to one singular straight line. It is hard to concentrate on just one area of the painting. To me, I feel that this represents the chaos of every day life as life can be very chaotic.
This image is a very nightmarish image. It is filled with a gargoyle, a being with a dragon's head, and something else that has a human's head on it. And what appears to be a red mermaid with a blue tail. This fits into my category quite nicely as it is very surreal. This image has its fair share of lines in it as well that help lead your eyes down the path to the statues. The use of the red and blue colors for the thing I believe to be a mermaid are extremely useful to this painting as well as it draws your eyes specifically to that part of the image simply because it stands out so much.
In this image we see a bright blue sky with a broken face in the foreground that of a human male. And the broken body of a human female in the background. They appear to be on a beach with the woman standing on what could be the foundation of a beach house. There are many tones in this that help to add an almost 3d element to this painting. The shadows that are on the insides of the face and the woman's body help to give them a three dimensional appearance.
This image is filled with stones that are wearing masks, living in an incomplete beach hut. There are many line's in this painting that convey a lot of energy. The stones in the air almost look like they are hopping around, or perhaps trying to demolish the incomplete hut that the other stone seems like it is attempting to build.
This photo contains a giant bull in the background that looks like it is either trying to graze in the field or it is watching over the herd. There are zebra's outside of the painting by virtue of the image being "broken", and horses walking along the plain's. There is form and lines in this painting. The horses all being in a line specifically give you the impression that they are perhaps migrating to a new area thats towards the viewer of the painting. The form of the painting in the foreground, with the shading off to the left of of it gives it a shadow. This gives it specifically a foreground appearance as if we were literally looking at two separate paintings where one is in front of the other but burned at the corners.
In this image we see a man with two faces who is sitting down in a chair. His legs are not even connected to his body. We see a flowery pattern on the wall as well as what appears to be a painting from the renaissance on his back wall. This painting is filled with many lines. We see the lines of the walls leading into many vanishing points which all direct our eyes specifically to the man. The man has perfect symmetry for his face as well which makes a nice line down the middle of his face which indicates he is two faced is not going to be honest with you. He also has a small shape in his left shoulder (our right) that appears to be a "chip" on his shoulder.
In this painting we see a giant city surrounded by castle walls. We are viewing it from outside the city itself from the window of another persons home. There is a giant ball in the air that is filled with wrath, and a dark cloud that is shooting lightning as well. There are a lot of shapes in this that are dictated by the lines of the painting. The lines that form the window so we know that we are indeed viewing this from afar. The lines of the castle giving it its shape as well, and the giant ball that is shooting its red wrath into the castle. All of this helps lead you to the red lines of wrath that is destroying the castle from the inside out.
This is yet another picture that nightmares are made of. There are many evisceration in this photo as well as an eyeball with with teeth around it, and a mouth with a hand hanging out of it that almost looks like a forked tongue. There is a giant line going down the center of it as well that gives it a nice separation from the "face" with the eye and the rest of the picture with the mouth. The colors as well are very drab and obviously a lot of flesh tones as well and that only enhances its nightmarish look.
In this image we see a red road the color of blood, signifying a road of blood. There is a naked man standing at the start of it and a woman lying on the ground bleeding from her chest. There are white hooded figures along the road that leads to the distance with a couple of lakes and mountains in the distance that has a giant person laying across them. This picture has more than a few lines, the main one being of that of the road that leads your eyes to the hooded figures, the lake, and the mountain beyond. The lines of the mountains also give form to the shape of the person lying across them.
In this image we see a cow jumping over a barn and a moon, with a couple holding each other in fear. There is even a chick in the bottom right of the painting that has two heads. The colors in the painting are very blue which helps to give the painting a very spooky feel. There are many curved lines in this painting as well which give it a very energetic feel.
Credits: All media
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