van Gogh and Monet

MoMA. 1889. In this painting, it is rooted in imagination and memory. He incorporated exploding stars, a quiet village, and a tree associated with the graveyard and mourning.
Vincent van Gogh Museum. 1887. For this painting, the outdoors was his studio. This was his view, of what he saw in Paris. There are pencil markings visible, meaning it wasn't finished.
June 1890. Gemeentemuseum. Vincent van Gogh elevated the horizon so that it looks that the poppies are larger.
Vincent van Gogh Museum. April 1888. In this painting he used thick. rough, brush strokes. He also lefts some areas unpainted.
1887. Art Gallery of New South Wales. This painting was painted in La Rouche-Guyoun. just a bit down from the Veitheuil. You can see the that the brush strokes are more freely laid on the this artwork.
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