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This work is a landscape depicting mountains, waterfall, water, and wildlife. The medium is an oil painting on canvas. The art shows the sun peeking through the mountains highlighting the waterfall. Very peaceful
This piece shows a fisherman facing an oncoming storm as he tries to get back to the ship with his catch. The medium is oil painting on canvas. Painted by Homer, the artist leaves it up to the spectator to decide the fate of the fisherman. Did he make it back to the ship, or not?
This painting is a landscape showing a train, maybe showing the advances in technology, The medium is oil painting on canvas.
This is a painting by Cassatt demonstrating the affect of light on flesh tones. The medium is oil on canvas. Cassatt was an impressionist and this is part of a series she painted in the 1870"s.
Painting done in impressionist style. The medium is oil on canvas. Renoir pays special attention to the delicate colors of the girls dress and lace which seems to make it standout more to me. The flowers behind her are soft and delicate as well.
A very ambitious painting by a federal artist depicts the Washington family. The medium is oil on canvas and uses props to show status. Washington has his hands on maps depicting his military life.
Credits: All media
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