The Austrian Experience during World War I

Kristen Mitchell

I find this interesting because these paper seals were a form of propaganda during the war and told people things such as "god punish England". They were also created by artists and were a collector item." (chapter 1)
These postcards were interesting to me because they included song lyrics. They were produced in millions which was surprising because I didn't think they had enough technology to produce in such large numbers back then. (chapter 2)
This artifact describes the Austrian experience during this period of the war because it warns people not to assist prisoners of the war and not to help them. This shows that they felt so strongly about these rules that they would punish anyone who did not follow them. (chapter 3)
The postcards from this time were interesting because they mostly showed images of Emperor Franz Joseph and showed the large role he played in the war and what people thought of him. (chapter 4)
This was interesting because it showed the mayor of vienna did not want price increases.
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