The wisdom of Color

The colors my eyes thing are amazing and beautiful works of art.

The color in this painting express allot and gives the pictuere life makes it look realistic.
I love the colors in this painting and whats in it The colors are all elaborate and pop up and how he mixed them they all help each other stand out.
In this painting i enjoy the color of the people i noticed that none of them have the same colored shirt they were all divorced and different its also painting beautifully.
This sculpture is made out of balloons its so flashy and pretty the color makes it feel like your at a party i could honestly look at this forever and always be in awww.
This art remind me of my favorite Pop artist Andy warhol and the different mix in color is energetic and looks alive.
I love the realism in this painting and how he used his colors to represent the time period the buildings are looking clean and the sky looks perf.
When i look at this painting it screams Hawaii the color of the bird is amazing the fruit all give off there distant color and appearance i love how the red of the bird goes with the yellow of the fruits it makes me hungry.
This paintings color is orange but i loved how he worked it the roaring its reflecting of the water and of the smoke the coating of the people also add to the painting i love it its on fire. also the moon at the very top add drama to the painting
This bird pops allot whoever painted it did a great job although its just two colors they compliment each other so well and make the bird look very realistic
What can i say this painting is epic and gorgeous the props to Joseph Mallord he did it justice the color of the lava makes it looks insanely real it feels like plasma the sky is the perfect shade of grey making it look like soot
the sky in this painting is very bright and beautiful the hue of yellow reflects of the landscape an the water in a perfect balance the water still look shiny and realistic.
This picture just looks chill these colors all are so calming and cooling and together they work perfectly
i love the use of cools colors on everything the ocean the birds and mountains mixed with the warm colors of the sun and the babies makes it look vibrant and making it so you cant keep your eyes off it
this painting is so relaxing the sunset is beautiful the sky is a nice cool blue the green on the trees makes everything else stand out i love the perfect balance between shadow and light it makes me want to live back in hose times
This painting is so cool and pleasing to the eyes the colors are all vibrant and scale on top of each other leading upwards towards jesus and his angels toping it off witt the light glazing over him its so cool
Credits: All media
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