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In my gallery you are going to see painting's, weapons, dolls and other things that are from the Revolutionary War time's that helped the colonist win the battle of their lives, toys,paintings,lottery tickets, and other thing's like that. 

This painting was created by Reuben Law Reed. Most painting's we painted with water color's.This was the most common type of painting because it dries very fast so you could add more layer's and to start this you would first draw. painting were very valued because it help calm the people during war.
Rag dolls in the time of the colonists looked like this. Most of the dolls were created between 1630 and 1762. These dolls help comfort little girls during hard times. Most of the dolls were made of rags with no face. As you can see the doll to the side dose have one. This was uncommon back then but girls would some times would paint there faces on their dolls.
In the colonial times the colonists did not have any pens like we do now. Instead they had quill pen. They would go to farms collect either crow,turkey,or swan feathers. But prefer goose feathers. the when they got home they boiled walnut shells, vinegar,and salt to make ink. Them they would write.
Horn Books were very popular during colonial school times. The children used the paddle to read on. The paddle is made of transparent horn and a the end of it the paddle had a handle for the kids to grasp onto. The paddle is commonly use to help hold the paper for children.
Revolutionary war weapons include the bayonet,musket,naval cutlass,hanger,and cavalry sabre. These were commonly used to help either the colonist of the British soldiers fight in the revolutionary war.
When the colonist live maps were the common thing they used to get around. Most maps were made of laid paper, hand colors, with white and black line engravings. Most cartographers choose these items because they are the least expensive to buy.
usually colonial lottery tickets have three colums. But as you can see not all of them do. Each ticket cost 30 shillings. That might not seem like a lot to us but 30 shillings is like a hundred dollars to us. And like most people you could win a lot of money if you win the lottery. You could at least win two time the amount you used to buy the ticket.
All the musical instrument were used to play beautiful music. On the side you will see a banjo. This was made of walnut,brass, steel/iron,paint,and a hide head. This was valued because you could play it any time
usually in prints there is drawings to represent the persons feelings. As you can see here there is a paragraph. The person who created this used words to spread what is happening. Most people use art to show what they wnt to say
Paper dolls are dolls that are on paper. When little girls in the colonists time when they needed comforting they would draw a doll and it would make them feel better. When they did this some times the little girls would dress the dolls as famous people.
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