Element of Space

...is the distance between identifiable points or planes in a work or within a work of art.

The element of space is illustrated by the expanse of the street in the city as it disappears into the background. The size of the people are proportional to the largeness of the buildings.
This picture shows the depth of space within the city sky-line. As the buildings fade in prominence, they also decrease in size to show the depth.
This picture of a Wedding Supper shows the size of the beautiful room that the event took place. From the chandeliers to the long tables and the intricate art of the walls, the space of the picture is vast.
This beautiful picture of a delicate, emotional moment also displays the concept of space as the center is illuminated, the people in the background also marvel at the moment, while still showing depth to the room.
This piece of art not only shows how far the burning landscape stretches, but shows the expanse of land in the distance.
This artwork by van Gogh shows a forest filled with thin tree trunks and grassy surroundings. As they trees become further, they become smaller in girth and more delicate looking.
This picture of the carnival that is shown here is beautiful spaced. The building that surround have so much detail, despite the distance, and the extensive amount of people was perfectly displayed.
The canal shown here is extending far into the city buildings, as it weaves in and out of the city of Venice. The space element allows for the obvious depth of the canal alone and the length as well.
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