The Unfinished Family

A family is always started but never finished. Also Frida Kahlo did lose a baby to a miscarriage, so in a way her family with her husband is incomplete. They will always remember their child but they will never know what it would have been like if that child was brought into this world. The child will never be forgotten but a part of the family will always be missing.

In this portrait we see that Frida did not finish it. In my opinion she tries to portray that her family is incomplete. If you notice, her unborn child is right next to her and it shows that without her baby her family is incomplete.
In this portrait it portrays her and she seems to be hopeless. She named the painting, Without Hope, and she is in her bed. I wonder if she is mourning the death of someone.
In my opinion if you paint of picture of a family member they must play a significant role in your life. I am assuming her father was an important role in her life and she has great respect for him.
In this photo we already know that the miscarriage was hard on her. If you look closely you can see tears in Frida's eyes and it must have been very hard on her and her husband when they lost the baby.
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