Art pieces comprised of undertones and shades of green to create an organic mood.

This piece depicts cool colors that sing in harmony to create a green mountain. Truly art.
I love this art because not only is her dress a beautiful shade of emerald, but tiny details of green within the landscape of our character give so much depth to this painting.
What a style all his own!? This piece grips me with an urban mosaic style that keeps me interested in every panel of this painting. The green in this piece is front and center beautifully.
I love the texture given through this piece, from the foreground green to the sprinkles of grass beneath, this art gives an organic feel and is captured beautifully by Saaret Yoseph.
Subtle, yet striking! I love that artist Robert BEVAN chose to use a deep shade of green, but leave the house a focal point for his piece.
As if the beautiful textures of Tokyo aren't enough. I love this photograph, I believe the green leads our eyes into a visual exploration of the city.
This is the art that inspires me to try new styles of design. How intrinsic to create depth with darker shades of the green? Amazing piece.
This chair is screaming "details!!" I love the craftsmanship and emerald tone seat cushion.
Kim, Do Myoung did an amazing job capturing such a serene painting while at the same time reflecting each character's facial expression with their sprouting green leafs.
Two words, Zoom. In. This piece is made of Mosaic tile and the details within the green are beautiful.
This piece for me definitely questions a visual hierarchy within the art. The green is used as a background, yet is emphasized through each small detail it holds on top of it.
Love this. Georgia O'Keefe can do no wrong! This detail of green adds a whimsical dream within this leaf that beacons inspiration.
I guess the grass really isn't greener on the other side. I love this piece because of the artist choices keep the green in his concept on the porch. This creates a stenciled detail with the grass.
The peace I feel when looking at this masterpiece leaves me breathless. I love how every piece of green leads to the beautiful spirit in this piece.
I've had the opportunity of zooming into this image and the details are amazing. The hues and tones of green used in this piece are the perfect ending to my gallery. Truly a birth of the green.
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