Saira's Shape Gallery

This gallery in used to describe shapes in visual art. 

I observe many distinctive shapes in this painting. One the bottom right, it repersents a large organic shape, because it lacks sharp edges.
I can see curvilinear shapes in the background; however, it's intentional because it makes mountains for the image. Shapes fade inside and out.
Lots of positive and negative shapes for the image. The front usually symbolizes positive shapes and the background usually symbolizes negative shapes in this image.
The shapes here, squares, are very close together. I believe these are positive and the background, which is grey, is negative.
The shapes shown in this drawing are very organic. I can see the intentional shapes in the top right in the moon, because it's perfectly round.
The squares on the boats are very organic images.
Shapes in this image make the character. They are very geometrical.
Front of the image, which looks like writing is positive images, and the background is negative.
These shapes on the top portion of this image are very organic and not geometrical, especially the circles.
I can see a shape pattern in this image.
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