Spring is a season in which flowers begin to blossom, and green leaves begin to cover up the trees that had become naked through the course of the harsh winter. Spring, for many, is a time for happiness, love, new beginnings, and rebirth.

Spring, Morning, Cloudy, Eragny, PISSARRO, Camille, 1900, From the collection of: Tokyo Fuji Art Museum
This painting shows a spring morning, perhaps more towards the country side. You can see how the sun is casting its light over everything. The trees, some of which are still leafless, are now green.
California Spring, Albert Bierstadt (1830–1902), 1875, From the collection of: de Young museum
In this painting you can see how the flowers are starting to come out from the ground, coloring the place. The sun in shining on the flowing river which is over looked by a hill on which animals lay and eat.
Spring Night, Harlem River, Ernest Lawson, 1913, From the collection of: The Phillips Collection
In this painting, you can tell that spring has only just begun. The trees, still leafless, are now going to begin to grow and cover themselves up. The river flowing with water provides moisture to the soil, allowing the plants around it grow better and greener.
Parting Spring, KAWAI, Gyokudo, 1916, From the collection of: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
This picture shows us the most beautiful tree of Japan, the cherry blossom tree. Now that spring has begun, the cherry blossoms bloom, as as the fresh spring air moves the water currents, the cherry blossoms swirl with the wind.
Spring in Lingnan, Chen Shuren, 1935, From the collection of: Hong Kong Museum of Art
This kapok tree is showing its beautiful bright red flowers. With a bird whistling as it sits on its branch, these beautiful local flowers are shown with a vibrant color, showing the beauty and defining the rebirth of spring.
Spring (Daphnis and Chloë), Jean-François Millet, 1865, From the collection of: The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
This painting, shows how spring is also seen as a season for love. As these two young children began to love each other, you can see the flowers that have begun to blossom and the birds that are flying around a statue covered with growing vines. To their back there are goats, and a beautiful sea.They also show the aspect of love in a different manner by caring and feeding the little baby birds.
Elm Forrest in Spring, Edvard Munch, 1923, From the collection of: The Munch Museum, Oslo
This painting shows the spreading of spring in the forest. You can see that though one side is still dead and barren, the flowers and grass have started to grow. They will spread through out the season, filling the whole forest with life and color.
Spring in the Mountains, Yamamoto Shunkyo, 1933, From the collection of: Adachi Museum of Art
This painting show the beauty of spring. As the bird hangs form the tree, the flower petals fall on to the water fall which is flowing which great speed and abundance. The tree itself had beautiful flowers on it.
Spring, Lawrence Alma-Tadema (Dutch, 1836 - 1912), 1894, From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
This painting shows a sense of festivity that comes with the spring season. With an abundance of colorful flowers, Music and happy smiling faces, the viewer gets a sense of up lifted spirits and joy. You can see people wrapped in flowers.
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