kings, the life of the pharaoh during the Egypt period

A brief insight of a few pharaoh's of Egypt.

Queen Hatshepsut was the first female pharaoh. Thutmose III was 12 years old at the time he came to throne and eventually Hatsheput took over. She ruled Egypt for over 20 years.
Nefertiti was the wife to Akhenaton. Her head sculpture is said to be the most balanced piece of art. In this sculpture Nerfertiti looks to be giving a gift to someone, maybe a god?
Akhenaten changed the culture of Egypt when he was the pharaoh. He also believed in one god. This picture shows him as a sphinx usually meaning he is powerful.
This Lamassu is from the Assyrians. The purpose of the Lamassu was to keep out all evil. Maybe to scare out the bad guys from causing crimes.
This relief sculpture shows the king hunting the lion. Hunting of the Lions was only done by the kings. It shows how powerful the king was and also for entertainment.
In this photo it shows King Tut's tomb being discovered by Howard Carter. In the tomb was things that the king thought was valuable to him. Such as clothes, gold, bows and arrows, etc..
Thutmose III aka the boy king was very young when he came to throne after his father died. He was only 12 years old. Even though he did not live a very long life, this sculpture portray him to look perfect.
This stele is showing an Assyrian king claiming victory over his enemy. In this stele the king is larger than the enemy showing the importance of the pharaoh. He is also holding some type of weapon showing strength.
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