Bright like Zeus by Seth Sancton

Bright like Zeus is a gallery that emphasizes color in art works that relate to mythology. Color is very important in art work due to the fact that it can set the mood of the piece.

This painting depicts a woman lounging on a rock in the middle of the ocean playing a harp. Although the artist is American it has a Greek mythology feeling. The artist uses color to make the dress pop with highlights.
This is a painting of the God Poseidon and Goddess Amphitrite. Poseidon is riding on a swimming horse and Amphritrite is lounging on land. These are mythological Gods and color is used to portray sunset and have a mellow and smooth feel
Depicted here is 2 persons picking fruits and flowers from vines. There is an astrological wheel surrounding them. The artist uses red on the main person to make him pop. The color implies hierarchy for the wearer to be the first subject noticed. The red also may imply love for the astrological system.
Here we have the Red Sea with two groups of people on each side. The color red here implies the violence going on between both groups. This can be considered mythological because of the splitting of the sea.
Paul Hauguin painted a naked woman sitting in a field of flowers. there are two mountains creating a valley in the background. the colors are very vibrant and the focus of this post impressionism piece. The red and yellow on the bottom of the painting is vibrant and welcoming
This is a vase depicting the story of the fictional Islamic story of Aladdin. There is a dragon wrapping the case and a blue fish on the lower part of one side. The gold used through out the entire vase brings elegance to the entire piece.
This painting is of three gods conversing. There is a night sky with a bright crescent moon. The colors contrast well between the night sky and the brightness in the figures.
This is a street art depicting poseidon cleaning up garbage from a coral reef. The coral reef is a neutral pink and the ocean is a bright blue. However, poseidon is painted with white space and a black outline. This inverse of colors creates an eye catching contrast.
This plate contains a vibrant painting. There is a castle upon a river contain a boat full of people. The colors are bring and are reminiscent of Spring,
This is a painting of a giant fish that has been caught by a fisherman. There are a good amount of spectators hanging around the lake. The fish is of mythological size. The colors are dull and suttle.
Credits: All media
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