Sea side landscapes

The theme for my exhibition is a coastal and beach theme. All my artworks are of landscapes of the beach and relate to one another in different ways. Some of the artworks include sunsets, people, boats and rocks. The artwork where the water looks calm, flat and peaceful are possibly showing how the artists feel. This may mean they feel calm or even possibly sad within. The artworks that include people are showing how things were possibly over centuries ago. This is shown in the artwork where the women dressed in old fashioned clothing are on the seashore and the banks of the ocean. This may be someone aiming to represent and show how some things went on in the past. The artwork with the horses running along the beach shows a few different meanings. Some of these include the horses could be running free and the person on them, riding them freely which shows the person may feel free because they may or may not have escaped something. The other possible meaning of this artwork may be war in a certain part of the world. As the horses do look free but there is a possibility they may be involved in war as it is hard to tell. The photos were the rocks are wavy and seem angry are to show how the artists feel. These artworks can represent anger or even hard times for the creator of these artworks. This is how all the artworks in my gallery are represented. 

This work comes under the category of ideology as there would most likely be to similar to some other artworks which is why ideology is about people who have the same sort of ideas. this photo shows how wherever this artwork is set it could be about war or something similar.
This artwork is under the identity category of the cultural frame. this may represent who the artist is and how they feel about certain things in their life.
This artwork comes under the cultural frame because of the boats in the picture which seem to be from centuries ago. this may be english settlers on boats or just basically sailors.
This artwork comes under the place category in the frame as it is of a place which is obviously from many years ago. there are some women on the shore or bank of the water. the way they are dressed shows how old the picture is.
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