Abandon hope all ye who enter here

This is a showing of artwork based off or inspired by Dante Alighieri's epic poem "The Divine Comedy". Written in between 1300 and 1320, "The Divine Comedy" is divided into three parts: Inferno (hell), Purgatorio (purgatory), Paradiso (paradise or heaven) and describes the author's descent into and out of hell, up mount purgatory, and his eventual arrival in heaven. This poem has inspired countless works of art by many artists since the time it was written.

This is one of the drawings by Sandro Botticelli depicting scenes from the Inferno. This particular drawing shows various sinners suffering in their specific ring of hell.
This is a depiction by Jean-Jacques Feuchere of the author of The Divine Comedy,Dante Aligheiri, dreaming of his future story.
This is one of the original drawings by Sandro Botticelli depicting scenes from Dante Aligheiri's Divine Comedy, specifically the purgatory section.
This water color by William Blake shows a specific scene from the book Inferno of the Divine Comedy in which Dante and his guide Virgil are lowered safely into the lowest section of hell.
This is a depiction of sinners in a ring of hell who are sentenced to ravage each other for all of eternity. In Dante's version of hell sinners are punished according to their sins on earth. Dante and his guide Virgil can be seen in the background observing the scene.
This sculpture of the gates of hell was started by Auguste Rodin but never finished.
In this scene from inferno, drawn by William Blake, we see Dante fleeing from three beasts. This is a specific scene taken from the text of Inferno in which Dante is rescued from the beasts by an angel who represents his one true love in life, a woman named Beatrice. I find the choice of colors in this very striking.
This is a depiction of the lady Beatrice, who was Dante Aligheiri's love. She married another man and his love went unrequited. Beatrice was believed to be Dante's muse.
This drawing by William Blake depicts sinners being punished in one of the circles of hell. The sin for which they are being punished is that they were sowers of discord during their time on earth.
William Black has drawn here St Peter and St James with Dante's love, Beatrice in heaven. This was taken from the book Paradiso, or paradise, when Dante reaches heaven and is reunited with Beatrice.
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