renaissance prespective

Granada a medieval kingdom along the coast of spain.Naples city in asia. royal chapel that was painted. 3D is everything looking like its real.burgos a city in spain.
antiquity peroid before the middle ages. extraordinary is very unsusal. exemplifies is an example. colosseum an ampfitheater. commemortion a momoral.
quattorocento 15 century of italian is in gremeny. spatial relationg to space. depiction representing somthing. comparably comparing things.
facade front of the building. pulit-currency cruifix-put on a cross reveal-to tell information centre-in the middle
palette for mixing colors excelled-to be good at amsterdam- in the netherlands manipulated- to controll pillars- hold up the cieling
venetian people from venice invented- to make terrace-patio loggia-ground level lagoon- pond
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