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Art work that has been chosen by Dustin McKay from all different areas and times. 

This is a 3-D portrait of Sir Isaac Newton. I am amazed with what Sir Isaac Newton has accomplished, and this piece of art captures an incredible portrait of him; while preserving his image on boxwood. I really like how the artist has used details with the portrait, such has the details in his hair. I feel that the image is representation because it is the artist realistic depiction of Sir Isaac Newton.
I find Dreams of Building-10 by Koh to be fascinating; I really like how he used 2-D images to create the 3-D image. The way the artist photographed the roof and used in the artwork is incredible. I feel as if the way he portrays empty space is unique. The artist is trying to visualize a building using 3-D in order to capture all the detail around the building. The artist is using films and plastic as his medium. His artwork is representational, he is showing the wasted space in the building.
This portrait of King Amenhotep II really caught my eye while scanning the gallery. The portrait is entirely made of glass and is made over 1000 years after his death. It really captured the change in artistic expression in my mind coming towards the Renaissance. I don't think much was intended to be accomplished here besides preserving history. It is representational due to the realistic nature of the artwork attempting to recreate the original object.
I chose this chair since we had a stool in the chapter. I thought it represented and occupied the same duty as the Chief's Stool. It is made of wood and metals. The chair is consider abstract just like the stool since the figures in the artwork are not realistic representations of humans and animals. On top of the fact it was close to the cheifs stool I also felt like it was just a nicely put together piece of art. The pieces fit together very nicely with the chair and blend in with it.
This was the only folk lore piece I decided to use. It depicts an image of Bahram Gur fighting the Horned Wolf. Its intent was to give image on the surrounding literature. It was a painting on paper so the medium doesn't give much in the way of giving details on the painting. The painting I am going to say is representational since the images provided were intended to give actual representation of what is going on in the literature.
Standing Cleric Holding a Book by Giovanni Bernardino Rodriguez is the only piece I chose that actually made me sit and think about it. It was a very mysterious piece to me. I made me curious. What is he looking at? Why is he just standing there? Is he thinking or observing. It got me thinking that the piece can be interperted in so many different ways. The medium used was red chalk on cream paper. It is also a representational piece due to the accurate depicition of the person.
I chose another potrait yet again due to the iconic nature of this specific type of portrait. The oil on canvas portrait was popular for centuries and we see it with almost every promenent figure from the time period it became popular. The intent of the picture is for nothing but to preserve the persons image. It is yet again representational due to it being a realistic portrait of the person.
I chose this piece because I hadn't anything Roman yet and it felt very odd to leave out a group that was so prominent in our history especially in art. The piece depicts Saint Theodore the Tiro originally on a piece of wood. It has since been transferred but was originally intended to be on wood. The piece seems to want to show a softer side to the Saint since during that time period it was typical to show warriors with spears and this only shows him with a sword. It is also representational since the intent was to give accurate showing of the saint evident in the detail of the chest piece.
I decided to do another Roman piece since I was looking for more types of artwork and mosaics were one that popped into my head right off the bat and when I found this piece I became mesmerized by the geometric design on the outside and depending on how you look at it you can see different designs. The artwork is showing Medusa in the center to give visualization of the characters in the mythology. I would say the picture is abstract even though Medusa is coming through clearly I feel like the most important part is the pattern on the outside.
The final piece I choose was a brooch assumed to be an Irish piece with Viking influences due to the jewels and animal drawings. The reason I choose this one is to show the metal work of the groups. They created fantastic pieces of work with very complex designs. The medium is silver metal. The brooch is intended to show the beauty in the work done by the individuals while also showing respect to nature and their environment similar to something seen in Native American cultures.
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