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Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenaean, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic Greek Art

Cycladic.. we can see it is Cycladic work from the lack of facial and other details in the sculpture and in a very rigid stiff position.
Minoan... We can tell this is Minoan by the engravings on the gem and the use of curves being intorduced into their decorative styling.
Mycenaean... This pottery is Mycenaean and can be seen through the increased decorative style on the pot and the further exploration of using spirals in the deign.
Archaic... This statue can be seen to be Archaic due to the stiff rigid posture and lack of details in the figure.
Classical... This piece can be seen to be classical through the significant increase in detail put into the face of the man especially in the beard and hair.
Hellenistic... This piece can be seen to be hellenistic because the statue portrays a moment of great emotion, a quality only attributed to this period in time compared to the others. They brought life and feeling into their sculptures.
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