weapons during ww2

By: Eli De Los Santos

This was the one of the biggest weapons used in would war 2 this gun could shoot at a long target and never miss.
this is the missile that goes in side of the cannon on the left of this picture. this is such a deadly weapon if it hits near you you are dead.
was the basic weapon/ rifle used by ever person in the war.
was the deadlyest weapon that there was if this bomb hit your city there would be nothing but dust.
This is a German gun used to shoot down planes. during the war they shot mostly bomers because they are so big.
this man is loading a 20 cal while men behind him are getting ready for war
tanks were a huge part of the war they were used to shoot down men or to drive over barbe wire so that men could go past them or to give men cover while during a fighting situation.
Planes were huge when it came to war they were used to bomb cities or to give men cover while they are running on the beach.
This is just a super huge cannon used to blow up tanks, planes and men anywhere.
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