Egyptian Gallery

Vanessa Gomez

This piece of artwork was created with a medium of marble in 305 to 330 B.C.E. It is a marble head of a queen wearing a heavy and decorated wig. Some scholars have theorized that it might be Cleopatra
This piece of artwork was created with a medium of wool. This is a Mamluk carpet, which has geometric shapes all around. These carpets were produced mostly for trade.
It’s medium is limestone. Here, Horemheb is being presented with gold gorgets in gratitude for his victories on the battlefield.
This is a blue glazed figure of a monkey. It was created around 1352-1336 B.C.E. Its a sculpture with a medium of faience and glazed. It is from El Amarna, Egypt.
Even though it has a roman style, it was once for Egypt. This piece of jewelry has a medium of gold. It was created around 238- 300 AD.
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