Self-portraits exhibition

My chosen theme for this exhibition was self-portraits done by famous artists, hence the name Self-Portraits Exhibition. Our culture has deemed taking pictures of oneself as taking selfies and has treated this as new cultural thing that young people do. However, artists have been creating portraits of themselves for centuries. In fact, some of the most famous works of art have been selfies of famous artists. This trend of capturing oneself is not new, and that is one reason that I chose this theme - to portray that artists have been capturing themselves for many years. The artworks in this gallery vary from paintings to drawings, and the art is arranged by year completed to show the progression of self-portraits over the various art periods. Each work depicts how the artist viewed himself, and each work creates a sense of understanding about who the artist is and what his life was like. These self-portraits are very personal for each artist and can help us create a better understanding of who these artists are.

Credits: All media
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