Sky's the limit

Wall text- My gallery is filled with many images of the sky with variety of colours, textures and different style paintings of the sky. I believe my gallery is very creative due to the different variety of images and colours and many more. I chose to pick the theme sky because I find that when I look at the images of sky I see a whole lot of colours and laughter and many memories. I find the sky to be beautiful in all different weathers, whether the sky is sunny or rainy I feel as so it is still beautiful and peaceful to look at. I am in love with how the sky changes due to weather but it still remains to be gorgeous.  The images include a variety of different artist images of the sky; they include a number of clouds and colour. The pictures all relate because they include similar colours but used the same technique for the clouds and shapes, the pictures also give us a good idea of the sky and its surroundings.  

Subjective - This artwork is created by Laura Gilipin is very dark, dull and depressin. In my opioion i think this artist was trying to show the lonliness and sadness, i think the artist was not very happy at the time.
Structural - This artwork created by Vincent van Gogh. This artwork shows us the type of colours, shapes, lines and technique used in the artwork. This artwork uses alot of different shades of blue, this also uses different lines and sizes.
Post Modern - This artwork created by Claude Lorrain Albertina . suggests the modern version of how artists see the sky in different colours, in my opinion this artwork is something out of the ordinary because of the use of colours and shapes.
Cultural - This artwork created by KITAWAKI, Noboru shows society people are traveling and this is normal for people because it is a noraml routine for people to travel. I think the fish represents tradition.
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