The wonderful world of Color.

Show case art work that color helps to bring meaning to it.

The reason I start out with the serving girl in a spa is that it shows how one color (red) can stand out among a sea of green
I really like how the colors stand out and doesn't over power each other. It give off a since of perfect harmony.
This piece how one color can be used to stand out among itself. It's give off a feeling of cool and relaxed.
Now this piece is just amazing. The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. The blue give you a feeling of calm. While the yellow stars shine bright in the sky. Giving the feeling of the night sky.
Show how color can give off a strong feeling.
show how lighting can effect the view of a picture. It also show how color can change when the lighting changes.
the darker color stand out without taking away from the building itself.
I like how the bright colors help to bring out the beauty of the women laying on the bed.
I really like how the color blends in with the background. Giving it a not so really feeling to it.
I feel that the color helps to given this painting a more human feeling to it. Like you could go out and find this person anywhere.
The Color in this piece helps to put the focus on Michael. and darkens the figure he poking. Leaving you to look into Michael face.
I like how the color of the hair helps to draw you in. From there you can see the creative of the artist.
I like how the color of the building helps to make the tree stand out more. Pulling you into the picture.
I feel that the color in this painting helps to bring it to life. making it feel like this event happen in the past. And now it's just be re-told to us.
The simply use of adding just a little bit of color to an object. And leaving the rest as it lays. Can make some of the best piece of art work that we know.
Credits: All media
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