Gallery of America

This gallery contains different images and artwork from different American artists. They are beautifully made and have a story too them. Many are of the nation's presidents. All the people in the different images are very sophisticated and usually presidents like George Washington.

This image reveals how inspirational Benjamin Franklin was to Americans at the time. I see him testing electricity and his royal robes. I think the colors bring out the separate characters in the painting. This portrays how interesting Benjamin Franklin was to people.
An image of Alexander Hamilton who was George Washington's right hand man and helped create the national bank. He was very sophisticated by the looks of it.
George Washington was the first president of the united states and a General for the revolutionary war. He was also presented as very sophisticated.
I like this image, because it is a good folktale from my childhood and i like how the cat was painted. the different shading brings out the girl.
He was an American lawyer who represented Kentucky. This portrays how he looks like a very intelligent lawyer.
This is an image of George Washington with his men. They look injured and sad that the war had to happen.
I like this painting of the Niagara Falls because it looks so realistic. This is part of the Gallery because my gallery has mostly North american artwork.
I like this painting because it shows an image of elijah whose story is in the bible. One can see how he is so small compared to the landscape.
He was the fifth president of the united states. This shows how sophisticated he was.
This is a famous painting of George Washington. Showing his sophistication.
Yorktown was where a very famous battle that happened. The artwork in this image expresses how his men looked.
I like how the watermelon looks really realistic in this image. It expresses all the details in the fruit.
This man looks very interesting. This is because how he is sitting on the chair.
This expresses how a chief looked int those times. The chief does not look very happy.
This artwork is very nice because it shows the distance in the image. The colors express the distance.
This shows how swampy Virginia was. The different shades of green express the nature of it.
This image reminds me of a real animal. this is because it looks really realistic.
I like the middle bird because it is interesting to look at. They look life like.
This man looks like he was around during the Roman era. it looks like a bust that was made for him.
This is a bust of Christopher Columbus. Showing how he probably looked when he was still around.
Benjamin Rush looks very sophisticated because of how he is dressed. This bust shows how serious the man was.
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