The colors of music:            Ben Stewart

This is a small collection of brilliant works of art that I found very captivating and intriguing. The theme of my gallery is focused on colorful paintings inspired by music, specifically depictions of Jazz/ Blues musicians and guitars. Jazz and Blues music can be very colorful, spontaneous, and heavily improvised. These works reflect similar characteristics and capture the essence of the music that inspired them.

This is a painting of two saxophone players and a trumpet player in the back right. Dressed in blue suits, the trio appear to be performing. The background of this piece appears to be a form of a brightly colored atmosphere resembling the colorful nature of the music being performed.
This painting is of a six piece jazz band playing in front of a crowd on stage. The stage appears to be dimly lit, the instruments include a trombone, trumpet, piano, clarinet, saxophone and upright bass. The warm brown and orange colors throughout this piece brings a friendly atmosphere to mind. The colors of the brass instruments and the different woods complement each other and set the mood of this piece.
A single trumpet player, with several onlookers performs in the crowded streets of Los Angles. The contrasting colors of pinks and light blues, as well as purples of the buildings in the background create a cold industrial setting. The wires in the sky put into perspective how long the street is. The grey color of the people verses the rainbow pouring out of the trumpet reflects the emotions and hope this form of music brings, while adding a vibrant focal point that is captivating.
A woman with two faces sitting in the moonlight, playing a blue guitar with a very disapproving gaze from a cat sitting on the windowsill in the background. This piece has very soft colors, focused on realism while also dividing the woman into two halves possibly representing divided emotions. The blue in the guitar blends with the sky as well as the skin on the right side of the woman. The soft light in the room meets with the blue darkness and creates a wonderful color contrast within the piece.
Two musicians play together on the street. The woman on the right is playing a guitar and the man on the left is playing what appears to be a tambourine or a drum. The colorful clothing of the pair stand out against the grey background. The pair contrast against each other with the woman wearing very warm colors with green accents, while the man wears very cool colors with a cool blues with a red accent in the tie.
This painting is of a pianist completely engrossed in his music with the notes floating in the background. The man appears to be made up of a chaotic blend of watercolor while his music and clothes hold a soft pink and blue attribute. The distribution of color is very thin and contrasts against the bold black lines.
In this painting, a large band waits to play music, while being conducted by a tall man in a black suit. Two women, one wearing black and blue, and the other wearing pink and orange, enjoy the music being performed. This piece has a rather dense color pallet, incorporating bold greens, blues, reds, and browns as well as soft pinks and tans.
What appears to be pieces of paper and sheet music strewn about on a desk subtly create a outline of a guitar. This piece holds very bold cool colors of blues and greens as well as browns for the desk. The colors of the many shapes and patterns in this piece create a skewed reality, stoping and starting in odd places. The guitar is the main focus of the piece, yet it is offset and the outline is inconsistent.
This painting is a collage of cartoonish music related devices, using bold reds, blues, and yellows to draw the viewers eye. The playful nature of this piece relates to a childlike point of view; revealing the enjoyment associated with these objects in a relatable manner to ones inner child. The reds, yellows, and blues create bold patterns and compliment each other perfectly to create a vibrant music filled piece.
Four musicians sit around a table playing music together. The instruments include accordion, soprano sax, upright bass, and a large drum. Laying on the floor beneath the table is a large dog. Though this piece is black and white, the bold outlines and minimalistic detail keep the piece simple. The highlights given through the paper itself add a unique detail to their expressions as well as their instruments.
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