Power Through Poses

A small gallery of paintings which show or give the audience a frightening sense of power through simple gestures, poses, and even the clothes that they are wearing. Made by JP Arcilla and Patrick Vergara.

A painter which shows he is a laid back person since he does not sit straight in his chair, also with this relaxed facial gestures, but gives us the feeling that he has the skill to capture the attention of his viewers. Also with his clothing, he shows that he is more than a middle man, perhaps a man who is well known to the society.
A painting of the famous American President, George Washington. In this painting, he firmly stands his ground, with 1 hand which tells us that he has a lot to offer which shows a lot of power, and also by wearing his noble clothes.
A lighter sense of power is seen in this picture. A noble man who dresses up like this shows that he is not a commoner, but is regarded high by society. His half-smirked smile, his right hand inside his clothes shows that he is a confident person.
A man whose eyes and pose tells a different story. If you analyze it, his relaxed pose is in complete paradox with his eyes which tries to strike fear into anyone who looks at them. 
A noble person who is makes you think that he's saying "I dare you to touch me". A man with confidence, a relaxed position, and yet his playful eyes tries to taunt you.
A man who holds knowledge is a man who holds power. His stiff position, and the paper he's holding gives it(his aura) away. 
Another picture which looks as if he is a professional painter, or an authoritarian who has the power to end people's lives. His body language looks as if he's looking for an answer because of his uneasiness which is seen through his left hand and his body which slightly leans forward, and his eyes strikes as if he is searching for it dearly.
Any powerful man is stalked by death, which is point-blank showed in this painting, as a skeleton whispers in his ear. His eyes focused on something, but still he retains his confidence as his chin is still on high ground.A painter who is playing with death, but still does his job.
This may not seem like a powerful image yet, but it is powerful in the making. Even if the subject is a boy, his pose tells a different story. It tells as if he's going to play a big role as his story unfolds, and his eyes pierces the very essence of the viewer's attention, as if he's whispering you a message.
His clothing tells us that he is one of the wealthiest, if not, the wealthiest in his land, probably a prince-like person. White robe-like suit, with gold decorations, a pose which shows relaxation by leaning to the table, 1 hand in his hip, and the other on the table itself, and also a gentle smirk. 
A painting of a high-ranked officer demands attention as it shows power, but this is different. Usually, officers tend to show a grungy, stiff or mad face. In this painting, he shows gentleness with his smirk, but also power with the stiffness of his pose and his uniform and sword.
A powerful picture because of almost everything there is in the picture.. He looks as if he commands an army and sits on high ground, probably a palace. The sun shines on his face, with a facial feature which shows no emotion, his right hand on his hip while his left relaxed. His wardrobe shows he is wealthy, and everything else just fits in.
This may not look powerful because of the background, but any man who stares at the eyes of the subject for some times may say otherwise. His eyes tell his story, it strikes with seriousness, as if he means business.
Another well made painting which looks as if the subject just came from war, with a dark background which almost matches his black coat. The details looks as if you're staring at a picture, his pose radiates as if he's a lazy rich fellow, but also at the same time, depicts power with his hand on his sword and his wardrobe.
It may seem weird because majority of old paintings which depicted power were from male subjects, but for me this seemed powerful enough. In my opinion, women were also deemed powerful creatures even in the past because they were the ones who were chased by wealthy and powerful men. A woman who dresses up like this which showed elegance through her dress and accessories, including a little tiara shows that she is a queen-like being, who is worshiped or looked-up by a lot of men. Her pose, in which she sits up straight with her left hand slightly raised that she was brought up with class.
A chap who is dressed not like compared to paintings which a high sense of fashion with flashy clothes, is not as powerful compared to people dressed up with gold ornaments, but his pose makes up for it. Everything in the picture is dark, except for the face. It is the highlight of the picture. His neck seems longer because of the turtle neck-like shirt, and his stiff-like straight body definitely shows confidence and power.
A painting which tells that this man holds wisdom due to his old age. His body facing to the right while his face turns to the left, and while he is holding his thick book with care shows that he is somewhat important which strikes power
This portrait strikes power in a sense because he is well groomed. Black clothing with a robe, a cane on his left hand, his hat on the right, hair that looks well waxed, mustache which adds boastfulness, his weight slightly leaning on his left leg, and his eyebrow. It all screams "What are you looking it?", clearly a powerful man.
Notice that with all the distracting figures in the painting, the highlight is still on the face of the women. With all the baggy outfit that she's wearing, the eyes on the viewers is still locked on her face. A Woman with a pretty face can command any heart of a man, which shows power in that sense. Also the way she walks, it's as if there's nothing else to see but her, despite the beautiful scenery behind her.
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