the black unknown pit 

these are movements of the ocean that are so dark and unknowing. they can be use for enjoyment at the same time as scariness.for years the ocean has been respected and feared. man kind has made ships to travel and surfboard to ride these monster. other time they been just watched from far and admire its beauty, but for centuries they will be a mystery that can never me tamed or controlled. just a big pit that never ends. Most of these are are reflections of how the ocean changes and every mind see the beach in different ways that the ocean really shows. the ocean is that one type of nature that ot controllable or even predictable, every draws the ocean show and describes a little bit on what they think the ocean looks like according to the experience they have with nature. Art can be define in many different wasy and ocean can be showed so many ways like a scary type or calm and peaceful or even just plain fun.

Credits: All media
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