Alex Czachor: The Violence of War

This gallery shows artworks that vividly demonstrate the violence of war in a chronological order. They all include a lot of death, suffering, and destruction; possibly leading to a general conclusion that categorizes them as forms of anti-war sentiment.

This piece of work shows hoe venus hopes to stop further violence by seducing a soldier.
This piece of work shows the suffering experienced by fleeing British and French soldiers.
This piece of work serves to show the destruction and death of a small town after a pillaging.
This piece of work shows the death caused by trench warfare in world war one.
This piece of work, similar to the one before also serves to symbolize the destruction of the surrounding environment through war, not just death.
This piece of work does a great job of showing the suffering experienced by families in times of war.
This piece shows the destruction that can be caused using modern warfare tactics, such as bombings during the events in Gaza.
Credits: All media
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