Didactic Panels: [] This gallery contains art from some of the coolest places (I think) on Earth. I chose this theme because having art from a lot of places gives us a sight into some of what other cultures think of as art.

This monochrome piece from Korea gives an air of mystery to the gallery. 한국이 흑백 작품은 갤러리에 신비의 공기를 제공합니다.
This blue piece from Britain gives a peaceful feeling to the gallery.
This piece from Korea lends a feeling of singularity to the exhibition. 한국에서이 작품은 전시회에 특이점의 느낌을 준다.
This sculpture from France is quite interesting. It's almost an optical illusion! Cette sculpture de la France est tout à fait intéressant. C'est presque une illusion d'optique!
This colorful piece gives a happy and confusing feeling to the exhibit. Bu renkli parça sergi için mutlu ve kafa karıştırıcı bir duygu verir.
Credits: All media
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