Nature's Calling by Travis Butts

The theme for this gallery is impressionistic animals. These works are all paintings by various artists who all capture animals interacting with their environments at certain moments in time. They all contain the impressionistic feel with some details being slightly out of focus and also use movement to better portray these specific images of the animals. Landscapes are strongly used in all of these compositions as well.

This painting by Tom Mboya depicts a herd of elephants drinking from a creek or a small body of water. It fits this theme by portraying the elephants in an impressionistic style capturing this moment.
This painting depicts cows walking on the plains towards the horizon. The long shadows suggest it is late afternoon. Capturing this moment of the cows in an impressionistic way is why it fits.
This image depicts sheep grazing in a field with their shepherd sitting nearby. He looks sad or lonely. This painting fits the theme because Segantini uses many quick brush strokes to create details.
This painting by Rungius depicts a cowboy and his horse relaxing on the hillside. They might be taking a break. This fits because this is the artist's impression of the horse and man at that moment.
This painting portrays a deer running in it's natural habitat. It sort of looks like it is being chased. This painting's subject is an animal and captures this moment in time.
This painting by Bruno Liljefors captures a couple of jays interacting with nature and one of them is taking flight. It fits the theme by focusing on the bird's movement instead of the detail.
This painting depicts a few jockeys and their race horses after a race. The painting of horses is done in an impressionistic style and focuses on the movements and interactions.
This image depicts a group of cattle drinking from a small body of water. The surrounding scene is sort of blurred and uses the same colors while the animals are highlighted focusing on their actions.
This composition by Eugène Boudin is of a herd of cows in a field underneath a stormy sky. The details in this piece are blurred and undefined which fits with the impressionism style.
This painting by David Cox depicts a man riding his horse in a hayfield beneath a stormy sky. There is movement in this piece in both the horseman and the clouds creating an impressionistic feel.
Credits: All media
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