Renaissance and MIddle AGES

Ryann Bell

This painting shows the virgin Mary pictured with the Messiah Jesus Christ. It was painted in 1512 of the later Renaissance period, and it shows intricate details throughout the pictured Mary and baby.
This painting captures the birth of John as he was taken away in order to be wash and returned to his mother. It shows two physicians/women helping the mother while she is in bed. This uses multiple colors in order to create the scene of the bedroom and portray the events of the situation.
This portrait of Georg Gisze shows him as a wealthy merchant dressed in nice clothes. You can identify him through it based on his merchant instruments, nice clothes and carnations scattered representing his recent engagement.
This shows the wedding of Saint Catherine as she witnesses the presence of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus as they bless her ceremony.
This contemporary sculpture of Mary and Child shows the intricate details of art that were introduced during the Renaissance time period. It allows us to witness how the style of art shifted as new approaches were introduced.
Shows another take on the Virgin and Child during the Renaissance. This painting portrays the gypsy view on these two important biblical figures as it shows their great influence and worth to commoners.
It shows the gathering of the Gods to feast in celebration during the later ages of the Renaissance. It shows many details to create the scene and background.
The public worshiped the baby and the Virgin as they brought them gifts and traveled great distances in order to be in their presence. This was painted late Renaissance as it showed the surrounding city and background.
This piece shows details to convey her beauty as the artist took time in order to show her facial feature and hair. They were able to use color in order to show the natural beauty.
This shows as people adored the Virgin even as she was being laid to rest. In the presence of Jesus, others continued to admire her as people gathered in order to do so.
This piece shows an early day event in which they developed the people in the artwork. They used subtle colors to show the natural view of the piece to make it simple yet powerful.
This was an older painting on the view of the presentation of the Virgin and the Baby. It shows the virgin presenting the baby to religious figures in hope of them accepting him as a biblical figure.
This picture captures Medieval writing to communicate through letters. It shows how people were to speak and tell news and it shows how writing has changed from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.
This painting captures a moment in which a just man was killed in the presence of the savior and other figures. They used details to show the surroundings and scene of the artwork.
This tower was spoken about in the book of Genesis as the thing that brought new languages to the society. There was one common language upon all and they agreed to build a tower for the city, but God confounded their speech and scattered them throughout the world.
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