Keith hurst takes a close look at waterfalls

I wanted to explore how artists paint waterfalls throughout different time periods and regions. Many of these are landscapes but a few contain people or animals enjoying the waterfalls.

This is an impressionist painting that features a close up view of water falling over rocks in a river. The artist does a great job showing the plants and grasses that are growing on the rocks next to the river.
This is a brilliant depiction of what a waterfall would look like with the mountain removed.
This Japanese painting shows a tall waterfall that flows into a bath resort.
This Japanese painting is of a waterfall that leads into a swimming area.
This is a beautiful painting that features a volcano in the background with a river winding through the mountains. At the river ends at the bottom of the painting in a beautiful waterfall.
This beautiful painting of Mt Fuji features waterfalls all of the way across the canvas that forms a river or lake.
This painting is similar to the Japanese paintings that feature Mt Fuji. Mt Etna in Sicilia is seen in the background of this landscape with a very wide waterfall in the foreground.
Most castles are guarded by a mote. In this painting we see that unwanted guests of this castle are thrown in the river and then quickly go over the falls.
In this painting we see a waterfall from the topside with many trees growing into the rock trying to grab some of the passing water.
Even the animal kingdom gathers together to take in the view of this amazing waterfall.
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