Works of Symmetry

in this gallery you will find many examples of symmetry and asymmetry you will see that in each piece there is a relation in size and form on opposite sides of the pieces.

i picked this painting as an example of symmetry because if you split it down the middle you can see that the objects on the table mirror each other.
this piece again can be split down the middle and the lines and shapes correspond to one and other.
this one the the top and bottom halves seem to be opposites and rotated.
the wings of this butterfly person are very symmetrical both in size and in shape.
the figures arrangement in this painting show symmetry in relation to one another on both sides of the little guy in the middle.
the proportions of the parts of the body are the same in form and size.
the trees are symmetrical same as the bushes.
this piece is mirrored over the y axis making the left identical to the right.
if you look at this one the shapes and objects are arranged on opposite sides the moon is opposite the sun the clouds at the top corners mirror each other as well.
this piece on both sides of the tree there is red shapes that are of the same size shape color and proportion. 
this piece is very geometrical and the arms and legs are very proportional. 
this piece the overall shape of the object is a symmetrical geometric trapezoid.
this is another piece that has corresponding objects and figures on both sides. 
this picture looks a lot like a rorschach and its very symmetrical.
this one the shapes on both sides look the same in size and proportion and very asymmetrical.
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