Unique Examples of line

This picture represents line very uniquely by using the space between the white squares to form the lines.
Vincent van Gogh does a great job at using unique line work to give an unique look and feel. He mixes short lines and long lines that are usually curved to make a beautiful night sky.
This art work uses very simple line work that still gives the feeling of depth, texture, and hight. By varying the thickness and weight of the lines makes everything stand out.
All this drawing uses is curved lines to give the impression of curves and roundness by changing the line weight. Giving an excellent appearance of roundness.
With a bold outline the artist used quick straight lines to add shadows and depth to this man.
Even though there is now solid line here your brain makes lines through the use of the straight rows of colored dots.
I love the appearance of line work this piece has because it gives the fire a feeling of movement.
This artist used line very creatively by using the shoreline to draw your eye to the bridge which in turn draws your eye straight the city. He used this natural lines to guide you through the painting.
Although this piece doesn't have boundaries the lines still add depth and the appearance of objects while keeping you focused on the subject matter.
In this piece the lines play as a guide. The stairs form a mental line that leads you you to the man in the middle as do the structures in the back. From there the mans outreached arm makes a line that leads you to the other subjects in the painting.
This painting has a strong use of line to make a very realistic perspective view of this town street.
The lines in this painting are the subject matter. The lake is essentially just a thick line that stands out more than anything else. The clouds in the sky form a line around the moon explaining whats going on in the picture.
This piece is a great example of how simple lines can form an image. The lines, in my opinion, depict a town on a hill. The lines form this town and leads your eyes from bottom to top.
This painting is literally just all lines thats move upwards to resemble tall flowing grass.
This piece uses lines for alot of the little details. short lines make up the ripples in the water and longer lines give the impression of layers within the mountain in the distance.
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