Energy in Orange

Orange tends to pull in the eye with its warmth and brightness. There is always a strong emotion tied to it. Whether it is delight or anxiety, lust or wrath.

The glowing orange moon and stars take center stage in what is one of my favorite pieces. The orange heightens the mysticism and intensity brought on by the swirling night skies.
The orange within this pieces has two separate emotions tied to it. There is the wonder and delight of the onlookers faces , contrasted by the terrifying ferocity of the bonfire.
The orange within this painting is again a fire, but not one like in the previous painting. It is not controlled in any way. It is utterly destructive, full of searing anger.
Another image in which the color orange has a lot of negative connotations. In this piece the orange has this tension attached to it , lended to it by the screaming figure in the foreground.
The orangey skinned figure and cooler background is a lighting trick still used today in tv and movies. Like it does in this painting, it makes the figures pop more and allows more emotion to be derived from their faces.
This is a more modern day example of the previously stated technique. As you can see the figures are given unnaturally orange skin to make them pop out of the blue setting and draw attention to where all the emotion is in the shot.
The orange in this image burns out of the center of the painting in a catastrophic explosion. It demands attention, tainting everything else in the painting with a fiery glow.
More destruction at sea, yet the orange within this painting is not centered or concentrated. Its so chaotic in fact that its difficult to tell what's even happening within the image. Yet the wild orange gives us a fairly clear sense of fear and rage.
A more tamed orange than the last few pieces, as is the fire it represents. I warms up the faces of the workers and brightens what would be a very dismal scene. Yet at its brightest we can still see the primal essence of fire spewing and sparking.
I adore this painting because it makes me feel so at home. The orange here is bright and wild and beautiful, showcasing autumn at its best.
Another painting of autumn trees by Tom Thomson, yet this painting has an entirely different feel to it. The orange here stands in fiery defiance of its surroundings. Burning agains the looming black spruces behind it.
The orange in the scene almost drags the focus away from the figure. She seems to almost blend into the cooler backdrop when set up next to the vibrant orange rug and fruit.
Despite being the background color, the orange does not take a back seat to any of the others. Its vibrancy of the piece grabs your attention and doesn't let go.
Another beach scene, yet this time with the orange placed on more sparingly. The glow of the dying sun casting beautiful peachy-orange light on the palms,
The dulled orange symbolizes the dying energy of the camel. The fiery spark of life is fading both from the animal and the color.
Credits: All media
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