In A Child's eye: Innocence and our corrupted world

 Paintings or drawings that include aspects of color, design, or meaning that I feel truly shows the wonderfulness of innocence. However, some show hints of maturity or the becoming of an adult.

The name of this piece gives it away. "Imagine" is a great word used to describe a child's innocence. The paint and the paintings in this piece show an air of creativity, often recognized in children.
This piece I love. It's simplicity and beauty act as symbolism for a child's innocence. The sky, with fluffy white clouds, showing freedom and beauty, something not usually found in our corrupted world.
When I looked at this piece, I saw the people pictured dreaming, and their thoughts blooming as bright green plants from their mind. Something I deem as fit for symbolism for innocence.
The subdued colors, the skull, and the dull yet still beautiful flowers in my mind show maturity, adulthood, and the loss of innocence.
Credits: All media
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