Poseidon: Strong and devoted

The gallery here shows the greek god Poseidon in a wide variety of different art mediums.

The Chariot of Poseidon is a piece of art depicting Poseidon's vehicle of choice and rough seas. This picture caught my eye due to the roughness of the texture and the very dark and contrasting colors.
This is the head of Poseidon. A wonderful piece of sculpture of what the greeks believed Poseidon to look like. The detail in the beard and darkness in the eyes are what inevitably drove me to pick this piece.
This piece of artwork on a water jar looks like it belongs in a hercules movie, haha get it. No, ok moving on, the jar depicts Dionysos and Poseidon together, Poseidon on the left and Dionysos on the right.
This beautiful painting is a sacrifice of Enalus to Poseidon. What drew me in on this piece was the incredible diversity of the colors and landscape design.
This painting is ultra gritty and I love it. Poseidon and Diana are consoling Demeter (Poseidon's sister I believe). The detail in the waves and reflection of the moon in the water make this one awesome piece.
This painting depicts Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite on a chariot. What made pick this piece was actually mostly the content itself. The people holding up Amphitrite make this neat.
A depiction of chaos. Neptune (AKA Poseidon) and his beloved wife are riding in their chariot once again. With what looks like flying dolphins in the sky. This painting is a true work of art. I can't decide if everyone in the painting is fighting, fornicating, or both.
This geometrical painting of badassery won me over right away with its symmetry and colors. Poseidon is shown with his trusty trident in hand while dramatically looking at himself in the water.
What! This isn't even art, this is money. Well money can be art. Especially when it has the godlike face of poseidon on it.
This one is slightly strange. Ok its a lot of strange. It shows Poseidon's head on the left with dark soulless eyes and on the right we see a naked women with similar eyes and the rings from the olympics coming out of her mouth.
Credits: All media
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