by the sea side 

By the sea side is the name of the art gallery I have chosen for my assignment. The reason why I chose this name for my art gallery is because the theme I created for the gallery is the ocean. Depending on your culture and beliefs the ocean can represent different things and different meanings such as power and strength or mystery, hope and truth. Many like visiting the sea and the oceans to think about their life, which is also another way the ocean is symbolised. The colours in this gallery are very similar in each artwork and creation because all oceans, seas and river will all have the same type of colours like different shades of blues and greens and maybe even some different shades of browns or purples. All the colours in each artwork represent a certain part of the place and the features of the environment. The paintings in my gallery most artworks have a shade of blue and white to represent the water, a few have browns and yellows symbolising the rocks and sand and some have purple to add more colour. The reason why I chose all these artworks is because they all have features and reasons that connect with the ocean. Most of my chosen artworks are paintings of seas or beaches while there are also some pictures or drawings of beaches, rivers and ponds. All of the artworks in my art gallery have some form or feature of water and an environment with water in it. 

This represents a postmodern artwork because the people are not modern.
this artwork represents a subjective artwork.
This artwork represents a cultural artwork because this shows meaning to the Japanese culture.
This artwork represents a structural artwork because the artist has added a prop into the photo.
Credits: All media
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