Art elements

Color- Flower Clouds has many different hues. Some of the hues have different intensities. This painting also has value because some colors are different shades of each color.
Line- the painting is made up of lines and they are all different. Some are long, curved, thick or thin etc.
Form- the bed, chairs, tables etc. all have form because they have height, width and depth. They are 3D.
Space- it has a lot of negative space because there is a lot of white and space around the squares and lines (shapes).
Shape- this piece has both organic and geometric shapes. There is shapes that are more abstract and shapes like rectangles.
Texture- the grass and waves have texture. They look realistic and they look like they are rough but the clouds look like they are soft.
Value- this has value because the woman fades out. At first the value is dark but then it lightens. The value is changing throughout the art piece.
Credits: All media
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