The art gallery

In this art gallery you will see the artwork that represent many things in life like for example plants, fruits, and people. The art gallery shows the painting of each artists that wanted to express their emotion, show the view of point of nature, and provide interesting facts of the beauty of art. The art work shows a lot of dedication by the artist, who came up with the wonderful creativity of the painting.

What I like about this artwork is the creativity of the old tree and the shape of the branches. Most of all this drawing of the old tree brings me old memory and shows how the tree age in life.
The Prometheus Bound painting shows the mountains and the sunset of this great view of nature that the painter wanted his artwork to have a meaning to the view of nature and to be significant.
The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden has an interesting fact that I learned was the place where Adam and Eve obey the snake to eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil which was forbidden to eat.
The Mist in Kanab Canyon painting has an identifiable theme that exist in the artwork is the fine art that shows the landscape and the weather which shows nature in it.
The Still Life with Fruit and Nuts painting has an identifiable theme which is life because the fruit looks like it's not rotten and there the healthiest food that people would still consume in life.
What I like about the Still Life with Fruit painting is all the colorful fruits that still surround us in life that we still consume, it's good for your health and everyone likes to eat fruits.
The Luncheon Still Life painting represent a picnic celebration that brings all type of occasion that people still celebrate for an special day for an special someone which shows the emotion of happiness.
What I like about this painting is the Art Versus Law is the guy standing in a surprising position and how this person is a hard worker who put his interest on his job as a painter.
A Match Seller is a painting that show of a seller eating a green apple that he carried from his basket and it tells us that the seller was tired and hungry.
What I like about the Farmyard in Winter painting is the environment.The painting shows the weather that is winter and its really snowy and there's a lot of cows. Also there's two guys who are working with out stopping.
The Two Hummingbirds Above a White Orchid interpret as a message that you should enjoy life with the person that you really care about in life and never letting them go from your life and spend true quality day.
The British Merchantman in the River Mersey off Liverpool painting has an interesting fact how there's a lot of boats traveling by sea and it reminds me how there so many people traveling away and letting the days go pass by them.
What I like about the Amphitheatre of Tusculum and Albano Mountain painting is the view of the land, the design,the grass that surround the place and the sunny day that it shows the brightness of the place.
The Kauterskill Falls has an interesting fact how the painter wanted his painting to be effective to shine the light that radiates the view of the forest and the waterfall.The painter put a lot of effort to his artwork to show the beauty of nature.
The No-Tin (Wind) painting is a portrait of a native american that has an identifiable theme that tell us who he really is and by that I mean his race, the way he looks and the place where he came from and people shouldn't judge him.
In this painting there's two native american that are dressing differently,but the two native american has a different culture, different life,but the same nationality.
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