A Museum exhibition

The Female Form

A simple portrait of a woman. The clothing and lack of any expression on her face show the gender roles that women played at this time.
The female body portrayed with curves and realness.
A vessel in the form of a female body. Perhaps used for religious or fertility rituals.
Medusa is a representation of the ugliness of evil. She has been represented in many ways, some even almost beautiful. But always evil.
Diana - a goddess, but represented in the way of a warrior. Beauty and brawn.
A woman from a family of wealth and a mother. Her face has a welcoming look to it. Not cold and snobby like some of the wealthy women at the time could come across as.
A female body with great emphasis put in to the parts associated with fertility.
An incredible view of the female. Apollo and Daphne is also a great love story - of sorts. The painting is not what it initially seems. Look at it and listen to the story it tells.
Female officer in the military - empowerment.
A very motherly piece.
This painting is one of wives, mothers and daughters. There are so many elements of the roles of each female in this piece.
Appealing beauty, a goddess, and a mother. All represented in one painting. So gorgeous.
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