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The Family is a painting of Diego Rivera that shows a woman and her two sons sitting down on the floor. These types of painting were common on Rivera’s artist career on the after math of the Mexican revolution. Indigenous people came to the city in search of a better life. Rivera saw how much they suffer and tried to hire them as models for his works.
I really like this one. Mining Accident is painting of David Alfaro Siqueiros. This painting depicts a group of mine workers burying one of their coworker that died on duty. Siqueiros was a union organizer and decided to “document” these events, showing how bad the working conditions were.
This is the second painting I really like. In this piece, David Siqueiros shows a sad and depress woman sitting on a brick with her children trying to climb on top of her. This painting was created to show the poverty at the time.
Los teules is a paint by Jose Clemente Orozco that refers to the conquest of Mexico by Spanish settlers. In this painting the bones of indigenous people can be appreciated along with to two indigenous women glancing down.
El Campesino Leader Zapata is a piece by Diego Rivera that symbolize the rise of the working class of Mexico during a regime that lasted for almost three decades.
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