Balance- This is balance because both sides of the building are the exact same. They have the same windows, walls, and tables.
Repetition- This is repetition because it uses the same element many times. The element it uses is color because there are many times pink is being used.
Emphasis- This is emphasis because right away when you look at the picture you see the big brown thing right in the midil.
Contrast- This is contrast because theres the flower and the back round is a complitly a diffrent color so the flower sticks out.
Unity- This picture is unity because it repeats the same color in the water like green and blue.
Variety- This is variety because it gives many options more the human eye to look at. There is so much detail you can notice so many things.
Proportion- In this picture you can tell the finger seems much closer than the human does using proportion.
Movement- This is movement because it apears that the silver ball in the picture is falling down.
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