Alexandra's Google art project virtual exhibition

In my google exhibition, I have decided to use a flower theme. I have chosen nine different examples to support my flower theme. Every example I give in my exhibition contains some form of flower(s) within it. I chose this theme because flowers are something that show me a sense of beauty in the art world. I enjoy the variety, colors, forms, and the nature of the flower pieces I've picked. From paintings to sculptures to photography, my pieces blend into a flower themed exhibition. 

In this example, you see a metal flower sculpture. I chose this example because it fit my flower theme unlike in nature.
In this example, you see a colorful piece of flowers and fruits. This example fits my flower theme because it contains multiple colors and types of flowers.
This example contains a simple flower sculpture and is similar to my first example, but contains a more realistic feature. This fits in with my flower theme because it is a flower piece.
In this picture, you see a clutter of bright colored flowers with a more pale background. This piece fits my flower theme because it contains many flowers within in.
In this piece, you see a young boy holding a huge bouquet of flowers that tower over him. This example blends in with my flower theme because it contains the bouquet of flowers.
This example is black and white single flower painting; therefore, it fits my flower theme.
This example has a couple of people walking down a path that contains fields of bright yellow flowers within it. This piece's bright fields of flowers is why it fits the part of my flower theme.
This piece has a pot of flowers (the woman's head) being "watered" with a watering can (the man's head). The woman's flower pot head is what makes this piece blend with my flower theme.
This polyptych art piece has a ton of neon colored flower pieces. Different than my other examples, this artwork still has the flowers to fit my flower theme.
Credits: All media
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