Art: real or an Impression?

Art is what you make of it. How do these pieces speak to you? Over the centuries, there has been heated debate over what is and what is not constituted as art. If we look back to through some of the art movements that took place, we will find that each movement was devoted to a particular cause. In the case of the Realism, art was  depicted in its true form based on direct observation. There was no idealism, exoticism or nostalgia. It was simply painting real life. Impressionism was focused on the subject matter, in the sense that being there during that moment was the most important. The artists who were part of this movement  painted what they saw and how they felt . This was seen in how they perceived light in their paintings. Little  was done to alter the scene. What I propose to you is to ask yourself the century old question " what makes art, art". I challenge you to explore this question. Ask yourself " is art an impression or is it a real depiction?"

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