The city of wings

The city of wings is an exhibition of different mammals mainly focused on birds and on the patterns of the each unique feather on a variety of birds. The artworks that have been selected in this exhibition are mainly judged on the structural frame of the birds wings, each bird  has a different aesthetic design to it, this includes its shaping, the colours, how its feather look and its texture or patterns on the wings. Another aspect that is judged through each artworks are what materials were used in these artworks, each artwork is selected by its unique use of materials to construct this artwork for instance an artwork could use pastel as its main material, instead of just using the pastel to ‘colour’ the artist might have created patterns with the pattern to give a distinctive look to it. Each artwork also must prove itself based on its unique quality, all these 15 artworks that have been selected is judge on how the artwork is presented, this includes artworks on canvases, as a sculpture or as a media recording. 

In this artwork the is a Postmodern frame, you can see that there is some irony and humorous aspect to it,you can the way the artist was arranged the chickens to make it look like they are "communicating", almost like its some sort of mothers meeting for the chickens.
This is a subjective frame because it shows the artist's emotion, personal events and passed experiences, this is shown through the way the dog and swan is placed, you can clearly see that the dog is attacking the duck, if we were to replace the animal with human, it would look like the swan was being "bullied." This maybe be a representation of what the artist has experienced in the past.
As you can see in this artwork it has a strong cultral frame,this is shown through the traditional colours and texture the artist has used, it shows that the artist possibly have experienced and is reflecting on the passed and what the artist has been through this traditional background and religion, it may also reflect on the artist's interest and admiration toward this type of art.
It this artwork it is referred to as a structural frame this is due to the different designs and patterns, and symbols that have been included in this artwork, the bright colours are also used in this artwork. The artist may possibly be trying to express a representation of her feelings through these symbols and colours.
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