Google Art Project: El Greco

Tyson & Amy

This painting depicts the mythological story of the Deaths of Laocoon. Laocoon, a Trojan priest, and his two sons are being strangled by sea serpents. This was punishment for Laocoon trying to warn his countrymen about the Trojan horse. This painting was inspired by Greek and Roman culture, and many might be familiar with the Hellenistic statue version of Laocoon that sits in the Vatican Museum. We chose this because both of us are familiar with the Laocoon statue, and thought our artists version of this mythical story was very interesting.
View of Toledo is said to be one of the best depictions of the sky in Western Art. View of Toledo is a landscape that depicts the night in Toledo, Spain, and it's most prominent detail is the color contrasts. We chose it because we found it a very beautiful painting, and we learned that it is one of El Greco’s most famous pieces, probably partially because it is one of only two landscapes he painted.
The Virgin Mary is ascending on top of a crescent moon (a symbol of purity) into heaven from her tomb. The apostles circle down below on earth in confusion while the angels above express their joy for her ascent. We chose the Assumption of the Virgin because it is one of El Greco’s most well known paintings, there are so many figures that capture the movement and confusion in the moment.
The Virgin Mary is sitting on her prayer-stool and attentively listening to the Arc angels message. El Greco painted several different versions of this piece but we chose this one because of the vivid colors and the intense detail in the drapery. We also like the loose framing of the picture where you can’t see where one scene begins and the other ends.
Credits: All media
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